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Customize and Store Your State-Specific Lease Agreement

Our in-depth Rental Agreements will ensure that both you and your tenants are covered and your lease complies with state law. You need only fill out the basic lease information and any unique details specific to your rental property.

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Lease Creation is free with all RentFaire accounts, as well as access to unlimited document storage.

Rent, Deposit, and Fees

Set the monthly rent amount, security deposit, and any additional fees

Lease Specifics

Confirm the rental address and terms of tenancy, including start date and end date

People on the Lease

Add all tenants and responsible parties, as well as their contact information

Pets, Smoking, and Insurance

Define what you allow on your property and what you prohibit with ease

Utilities, Keys, and Services

Detail what the owner is responsible for and what the tenant is expected to cover

Additional Terms

Addendums unique to your area are automatically available to add when building each lease. Add in rules and provisions specific to your rental property with no fuss.

Sign and send your lease for tenant e-signatures right on your account dashboard at no extra cost
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Have your renters sign legal forms from their phone or computer. No need to meet in person.

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Keep your renter's sensitive information secure with bank-grade security and end-to-end encryption

Free Tenant Screening

Screen all tenants at no cost to you

Personalized Legal Forms

We provide landlord and real estate specific forms for all of your management needs

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