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Whether you've been through an eviction yourself or just heard the horror stories from other property managers, a great rental experience starts with having the right tenant.

Stop fighting with court fees and bad actors. Join the Landlords and Property Managers who use RentFaire to make fair and informed decisions to find that perfect tenant.

How Do I Screen a Potential Tenant?

Tenant Screening through RentFaire is simple and straight-forward. In a few brief steps, you'll be able to identify top quality candidates.

  1. Enter the Applicant's name and email
  2. Choose which reports you would like
  3. RentFaire verifies the Applicant's Information
  4. The Report is ready to view!

What information is on the Credit Report?

  • Identity Verification

    Applicant's name and aliases that they may have used will appear, as well as, current and prior residences and employment.

  • SSN Validation

    Applicant's social security number along with any discrepancies that may arise.

  • Positive Credit Accounts

    Payment trends, originating and current balance, and account resolution (if applicable)

  • Negative Credit Accounts

    Account details and dates regarding balance and account resolution for bad debts, past-due accounts, and repossessions.

  • Collection Accounts

    Breakdown of collection accounts along with originating lender and balance

  • Public Records

    Summary of public records including, but not limited to, Evictions, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments, and more.

  • Fraud Alerts

    Alerts placed by the consumer in cases of identity theft, death, etc.

The Most Comprehensive Credit and Background Checks

Your real estate is too important to leave to chance.

Finding a trustworthy tenant is paramount for the success of your rental business. Our background report can show evictions, criminal records, sex offender crimes, and 28+ additional Federal databases.

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